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The Story

Hi, I’m Livi, a London based Fibre Artist, Macrame Teacher and the face behind Knot My Name!


My macrame journey began when I moved to the Cayman Islands with my husband and our two little girls. Trying to make our new house a home for them I wanted hanging letters for their bedrooms but couldn’t find a style I loved. At the same time I’d fallen in love with macrame, so I worked out how to use my new found craft to create hanging letters and Knot My Name was born. 

Since then I’ve expanded the range and have created everything from delicate earrings to large wall hangings and everything in between. l‘m so passionate about what I do and love to spread the macrame joy by teaching others. 


I’ll never forget the first time I visited the art studio, 3 Girls and a Kiln, and asked if they had macrame classes, which they didn’t at the time. Half jokingly, I said ‘give me six months and I’ll teach it for you’ and that’s what happened!

Thanks for scrolling through, I hope you like what you see and I can spread the macrame magic further.


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