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Get your garden summer ready

Updated: May 14, 2022

We have loved watching the evolution of garden design from function to style. Gone are the days of plastic loungers and welcome to the era of comfortable (and stylish) sofa sets flanked by trendy outdoor rugs, lights and mirrors.

The move to working from home and the increase in home improvement has brought with it a change in attitude. Nowadays, our gardens are our second lounges which has created a trend of using indoor furniture and decor outside.

To ensure you are summer ready, now is the time to start thinking about how to up-style your garden. The options are endless to personalise and add character to your outdoor space, and one great way to do this is with macramé. Here is some inspiration:

Create a real show stopper with a strucural macrame wall - think of your garden as an open plan space, this is a brilliant way to create zones i.e break up the living area from the lawn or dining space. If you are looking for something more interchangeable then add a backdrop to your sofa area with a macramé hanging.

More garden macrame from left to right…

- Wood swing chair - add some classic elegance to your kids play area with these macrame swings, but why let the kids have all the fun you could also use these in other areas of the garden such as s the dining table, as seen above.

- Macramé chair backings - these are a simple way to add some style to your outdoor dining area when you have friends and family over.

- Macramé swing chairs - add some throws and fairy lights with these hanging chairs and you’ve got yourself a cosy reading corner.

- Macramé teepee - this is a gorgeous addition to any picnic. Our macrame teepee comes with a stabiliser and is fully collapsible so you are able to bring it out for picnics and parties and pop it back inside after.

- Plant hangers - these can be hung off a tree or add lots at varying heights to a wall for stronger look.

- A strucural macrame wall - as mentioned above, we can create this for you at any size.

Get in touch if you would like us to design something to suit your outdoor space!

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