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So what is Macramé?

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

A question we often get asked, so let’s take it back to basics.

What is macramé?

To sum it up, macramé is decorative textile art designs made from a series of knots. If we delve a little deeper we find out the impressive power of a simple knot and all that it can create.

Pronunciation and origin of the word

The word has Arabic, Turkish and French origins (hence the accent on the ‘é’). Two common pronunciations are (muh-kraa-mee) or (ma-cra-may). Both are correct, the former is more of a British version however the latter sounds closer to the french origin, is the American way of saying and as nowadays you can learn from YouTube across the world it seems to be the more modern way of pronouncing. So just choose whichever you feel comfortable with.

The history of macramé


Macramé dates back to ancient times, one of the earliest records of the macramé style knots being used for decorative purposes appeared in the carvings of Babylonians and Assyrians. Fringe like plaiting and braiding were part of the costumes as captured in their stone statues.

It has peaked at various moments in history, more recently it gained popularity in the 70’s and has had revival over the past few years. It doesn’t look like its going anywhere any time soon with mainstream retailers stocking macramé and using it for window displays as well as it being present in TV shows and films. There is such a variety in both products and styles that it can flow with the trends.

Macramé now

The art has evolved throughout history and spans such a huge range of designs and products. By knotting cord you can make everything from small delicate earrings to large wall hangings. It would be quicker to list the items you can’t make using macramé!

Nowadays you can see it as plant hangers, jewellery, large wall hangings and now it is even moving into interior architectural design.

lf you are keen to try it yourself then checkout our workshop page and get in touch. Alternatively let us do the hard work for you and create a bespoke piece just for you.


1. Image credit: Sylvia's book of macramé lace, p298.

2. Harvey, Virginia (1967). Macrame : the art of creative knotting. Van Nostrand Reinhold. pp. 9–30. ISBN 0-442-23191-1. OCLC 948758577.

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